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The squad drove up to Durango and wrote/recorded 5 sub-par songs for your listening displeasure


released January 22, 2016

Wyatt Granger: Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Rainstick
Audrin Baghaie: Drums, Bass, Pots, Pans




Mountainhead Albuquerque, New Mexico

Wyatt plays guitar, Audrin is on drums, it's like white stripes on amphetamines you might like it man jeez calm down

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Track Name: The Mediscene
Track Name: Protocol
The score, so it seems, is fifteen hundred to nothing
Love's in half, you cease to exist, he almost always only kind of gets it
Perhaps I should leave, breathe in, and run
But guillotine sirens begin to become
In god, we trust, to kill people, to spill some blood

So say out loud the words you're scared to hear
Cause when in doubt we all rely on fear
Burning out, drained from the sun
If you're going my way, just know you're not the only one

To the world he was a snowflake, and to snowflakes he was a flamethrower
He lived and he burned, and he won't make a return

So go and talk about it

I know you told me, such a long time ago
How you'd never ever let me go
And I don't know which way to face
If I only knew where you are
This morning, I had a dream
How you never left me hanging on a string
If I catch you coming my way

Bitch you'd better run and hide
Track Name: Skatastrophe!
Let's ride (Or "that's right"? no one is really sure)

I am but a man, drawing questions in the sand
Tryna talk without being misleading
Would you understand if I took you by the hand
And made it so you would stop misreading?
But it's all right

If I kill myself, would it maybe be enough
To get you off the shelf? and to keep you up to snuff?
When it comes to dealing words, how can i express that
I want you more than anything?

Well, the band, we played all night, and though i sang the words just right
The insight from your eyes was fast receding
So would it be alright if I took you out of sight
And made it plain as day that I'm not retreating?

If I kill myself, would it maybe be enough
To get you off the shelf? and to keep you up to snuff?
When it comes to dealing words, how can i express that
I want you more than anything?
Or anyone?
Track Name: The Only One
Alright, okay, I'll be the first one to say
That I'm sick of feeling this way,
And the feelings taper on
I'm pushing back against this weight
And I'm breaking off both my arms
Trying to hold on to our faith

We all go searching for the only one
But wherever I turn I just keep drowning
I'll hold my head above the water but
Should I just let go?
Track Name: Box of Circumstances
The switch on the back of my neck
Can't seem to get no respect
Gears grind where they connect
And i'm winding down from my check

The pressures build and rise
Crushing the weight to my eyes
Wind me up, dissipate
Wind me up to watch me break
To watch me break

And i'm caving in

Day in and day out
Apocalypse rains in screams
Climactic climate cataclysm
Nukes and acid day dreams

They're all i see

The earth drowns and sirens call
It'll snow ashes in the fall
All the pages told from song
They told us right, they told us wrong
As we turn to stone

Empty words, flood my ears
Of who to be and how to care
But i must pause for cheer
Cause i can't seem to clear the air

I can't clear the air

When we cause the fall
Will we lose it all?

And in the end
Your antithesis exists
So we fall away